Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

I’ve been a fully-certified Coaching Professional (CPC, PCC, ELI-MP) since 2017, helping my clients find self love and trust. The heart of my work is helping you improve your emotional intelligence. What does that mean? That means together we'll look at your current habits and patterns to see how we can improve your self awareness, social skills, and relationship management. You'll learn to identify and manage your emotions so you can connect with yourself, show authenticity, have healthier relationships, and make sound decisions.

I specialize in working with people one-on-one, creating personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward. Together we will help you get rid of self doubt and find the confidence you've longed for all your life. 

"Every time I meet with Amy she saves me from myself. Our calls keep me on the path to living my best life, and her coaching helps many facets of my personal and professional life. 

Amy cares about me. She likely cares about you, too, even if she doesn't know you yet. When I struggled, I reached out to her. And though I didn't become a client right away, she was still there for me. I'd recommend Amy to anyone looking to better themselves. 

It's weird to think that I've never met Amy in person, yet she knows more about me than many. She's heard me cry, and more often heard me laugh and cuss. She's a flexible coach, and her service is an important part of my life." -Joe