I’ve been a fully-certified Coaching Professional (CPC, PCC, ELI-MP) since 2017, helping my clients find self awareness, love, and trust. The heart of my work is helping you remember yourself and your emotional intelligence. What does that mean? That means together we'll look at your current habits and patterns to see how we can improve your self awareness, social skills, and relationship management. You'll learn to identify and manage your emotions so you can connect with yourself, show authenticity, have healthier relationships, and make sound decisions.

This story is how I got here.

Fifty years ago I was born in a military hospital in Frankfurt, Germany. 

My parents loved me, but had childhoods loaded with dysfunction. That meant they weren't equipped to be the parents they wanted to be. Alcoholism, mental illness, and suicide shaped their lives, and that shaped my life. 

I started drinking at age 14 to cope with all the things I felt and couldn't stand to feel.

It became a habit. Because I was afraid of my emotions I stayed in an unhealthy pattern of binge drinking to avoid them.

I got married, had two children. I did most of the things I was supposed to do, but inside I knew I wasn't being fully myself. 

Then December 7, 2012 arrived. 

That day I realized it was possible for me to change my mind, and that would change my life. And I got to work making that thing happen. I made a promise to myself to never drink again. 

I started reading everything I could find on recovery, trauma, human behavior, healing, and growth. I wrote a regular blog about my sobriety. I joined a women's recovery group. I was featured in Good Housekeeping magazine for being sober. I found a therapist. I did a trauma informed yoga teacher training. 

I remembered MY SELF

Four years into my sobriety I decided to go back to school to be a therapist. It was then a dear friend asked me if I knew what a Life Coach was. I looked it up and WOW! I got so excited!  

I immediately started researching training programs. I signed up with iPEC, one of the best coach trainings in the country. 

That training, along with my commitment to growth, healing, and life experience prepared me to be a supportive and creative Life Coach. 

I specialize in working with people one-on-one, creating personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward. Together we will find the self assurance you've longed for all your life. We'll help you remember YOU. 

I am an avid reader, devoted writer, and trail runner. I love neuroscience and human behavior. I enjoy spending time connecting with people. Supporting my clients and my community of family and friends as they live into being fully themselves is what brings me the most joy. 

I believe in myself, and I believe in you.