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I'm 52 years old, and I hope I have lots of years left! I believe life has several stages, and that we can thrive in all of them if we're curious and willing to be uncomfortable. I have two teenage sons, and I have great relationships with both of them. This is a great joy of my life. Parenting is something I work hard to be good at. 

My values are curiosity, connection, and truth. Curiosity has helped me look at my life in a way that opens and lets me breathe, it gives me time to slow down to see what's actually happening and respond creatively. The more I've gotten to know myself, the more I've seen my unhealthy relationship patterns with people and situations more clearly and shifted to building connections that are mutually supportive. This is all possible because of the truth. When I tell myself the truth, I have dignity and feel reliable. I am my own best friend. My life feels well lived. 

I quit drinking over 10 years ago, and doing that one thing opened a world I'd only imagined. I woke up on December 7, 2012 and imagined what my future was going to be like if I didn't stop drinking. It was heartbreaking. That day I realized I had one life, and I could keep going as I was or I could change. I quit that day, and I have never gone back. 

That day was the start of me turning towards myself, towards my life. It was, for me, a miracle. A second chance at my one life. I have worked diligently ever since to learn about and support this person that is me. To get to know her and love her. I am always trying to muster up the courage to be fully and completely myself. I am much closer than I was 10 years ago. 

I live by the "oxygen mask goes on you first" instruction. I remember myself first so that I can be the best I can be for myself, my family, my clients and community. Being selfish gets a bad rap. 


I love being outside. I am a trail runner and I'm happiest in the woods. I like creative solutions, original ideas, and challenging perspectives. I am not afraid to be outside the box. I believe anything is possible because I believe in life. Reading and books are my favorite. I love reading about human behavior, poetry, memoirs, and mysteries. I love to write, and feel like when we share our stories and thoughts we help others. 


I believe we're at the beginning of a new era in mental health, and that its complexity is something to be appreciated and explored, not avoided. Coaching is an important part of mental health. I feel grateful every single day that I decided to be a life coach. Helping people take action to know themselves, trust themselves, and understand that their lives mean something is an honor. Doing the work of listening to someone and helping them hear their own voice and find love and trust for themselves is a joy to me. 

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