Do you feel like security and safety override your individual preferences? 

Has the pandemic changed the ways you look at your life balance?

Have you been questioning your relationship with alcohol or other coping mechanisms? 

Do you sometimes think everyone knows what they're doing but you? 

So often in mid-life we get stuck in our old ways of thinking, particularly when life gets tough. We go back to our knowns, because the unknowns can seem daunting and hard. 

I help people work with outdated patterns, habits, and blind spots that keep you stuck. We work together to create and sustain the ways you truly wish to live your life. 

With support and accountability you'll learn and experiment to find what works for you. You'll learn your current values and standards. You'll challenge old stories and beliefs about yourself. You'll find confidence and appreciate YOU. 

 If you're interested in seeing what coaching can do for you, schedule an initial conversation below. This is a free, casual conversation where we'll talk about the results you want and how I can help.