What it's like to work with me.

"Every time I meet with Amy she saves me from myself. Our calls keep me on the path to living my best life, and her coaching helps many facets of my personal and professional life. 

Amy cares about me. She likely cares about you, too, even if she doesn't know you yet. When I struggled, I reached out to her. And though I didn't become a client right away, she was still there for me. I'd recommend Amy to anyone looking to better themselves. 

It's weird to think that I've never met Amy in person, yet she knows more about me than many. She's heard me cry, and more often heard me laugh and cuss. She's a flexible coach, and her service is an important part of my life."



"I could not be more grateful to have found Amy at a time when I was ready to work on myself. In our initial conversation, one of the things she said was that she wants to create a space where a person can find their own wisdom. That resonated deeply with me and has been one of the most valuable and self-affirming approaches that I have encountered. Of equal or greater value is that by creating a trusting relationship, asking questions that make me think differently about an issue, suggesting activities toward change and cheering me on, Amy has helped me lean into the uncomfortable corners of my life and thereby grow into self-love, let go of ideas that no longer serve me and work toward living my right life. Anyone would be lucky to have her support."



"When I purposefully decided to leave my husband and my marriage, a pulsating fear came over me. The best way to describe it....I was in a dark, thick forest and didn't know where to go. I was in dire need of a "compass", and voila! A monumental blessing came in finding Amy Parrish (via an internet search). She is truly one of the most important "forces" in the transformation of my life from being asleep to being awake.

Our weekly sessions quickly evolved into a deep dive of Emotional Intelligence...I deeply value the time we've spent together and the progress she's helped me make in my life. I wouldn't be this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward without Amy's guidance. She focuses on Forward Thinking, in turn, I strive to encapsulate the lessons, so deeply are they woven into the fabric of my days. And, I cope with life and its small shocks better, much better, with greater serenity and strength and a depth of emotional insight that I didn't have before we met.

Amy brings to the surface fundamental truths and gently helps you feel them, and then think them, for yourself. From that you emerge with a trove of tools to question, to grow, to engage better with others -- in short, to evolve daily into better appreciating this small lease of ours on earth.  I couldn't ask for a greater gift in my life."